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Law School’s Profile

 Law School of Xiangtan University (its former was the Department of Law of Xiangtan University) was established in 1982. It is the first law school to recruit students with the most powerful faculty, the fullest scope of disciplines of law, the largest recruitment scope and the complete education levels in Hunan Province. The major of Law of the school is the Key Major of Hunan Province and Exemplification Major of Hunan Province. School of Law now has 74 teachers in total, 61 full time teachers, 21 professors, 26 associate professors, 12 doctor supervisors, 46 master supervisors, 32 doctor degree holders, 12 are studying for their doctor’s degree, 40-odd famous foreign and domestic jurisprudential scholars are employed as guest professors.

 Since the approval of providing master program of Litigation Law in 1993, Law School provides the master programs of Criminal Law, Economic Law, Legal History, Jurisprudence, Constitutional and Administrative Law, International Law, Civil and Commercial Law and Science of Law in the following years. In 2003, School of Law successfully got the approval to provide the doctor program of Procedure Law. In 2005 Law School was also authorized to provide First-Level Disciplines of Law master programs and the doctor’s program of Legal History. Post-doctoral Research Mobile Station on Law was established in School of Law in 2007. Thus a multi-level education system has been established, including doctor programs, master programs, bachelor programs and adult programs.

 The discipline of Procedure Law was authorized as the Provincial Key Discipline by Education Department of Hunan Province in 1993, the course of “Litigation Evidence” had been selected as National Excellent Course by the Ministry of Education in 2005. In 2006, “Administrative Procedure Law” had been selected as Provincial Excellent Course by Education Department of Hunan Province. In 2007, “International Economic Law” had been selected as Provincial Excellent Course as well. In 2002, the discipline of Criminal Law has provided Position for Specially-hired Professors of Lotus Scholar Project since 2002, which is the first position of law studies for specially-hired professor in Hunan Province. Theoretic Law Studies Research Base centering on Jurisprudence and Legal History research had been chosen as the key research base of social science in Hunan Province in 2002, which is the only one of its kind in the province. African Law Studies is the newly developed advantageous discipline of School of Law. African Law and Society Research Center had provided the aid-foreign training program of Jurisprudence, Society and Economic Development of African Countries for Ministry of Commerce of PRC, which got a national influence. In 2007, the Law School has been approved by the Ministry of Education of PRC to be the Innovative Testing Area for Cultivating Local Legal Talents and the Unit of Building A Characteristic Speciality of Law in High School.

 The new teaching building of Law School built in 2007 covers an area of more than 10000 square meters, including 1 moot courts, 2 Multifunctional Halls, 3 criminal investigation laboratories and a 600-odd square meters’ law library, collecting 50000 volumes of books and about 300 subscribed academic periodicals. Moreover, School of Law and the library of Xiangtan University have co-subscribed large date bases like Lexis-Nexis, Westlaw, etc.

 School of Law of Xiangtan University would like to express its sincere thanks for the concerns, supports and favors got from the society, especially from the colleagues in domestic and foreign law fields. At the same time, the school extends its warmest welcome to the elites, especially the young and promising talents to join the school, making greater achievements with the staff of the school.